The Players

Info about the general clan and its players


The Players


KvT KiDCady

Is writing all of this and does not believe in vanity. Captain, strategist, founder. Nuff said


KvT Not_Jason

Where shall we start? Jason, is not who he says he is but yet he is as well. A walking enigma that confounds all and sundry. Some say he can make 2 minute noodles in 30 seconds, other’s say he drinks 5 year old brandy and beer with his corn flakes. All we know, is he’s not_jason.


KvT QuanTM

The youngest buck in this team of seasoned campaigners. If they say that youth is wasted on the young, they are talking about this guy. Jumping up and down and talking at a mile a minute you just wanna slap his diapers back on, stick a pacifier in his mouth and plant him back in his crib. Granted he has some use in games so he is allowed an extended leash.



Despite the name being a blunt instrument, Hammoer is anything but. Always sharp as a tack and ready with a change in tactic or alternative means of achieving the collective goal. He hammers the opposition hard and always surprises the unsuspecting opponents. He was also standing behind me with a baseball bat and told me to type all of that. He might be back soon so posting this before he can stop me.


KvT RazerFox

The  man of many meats. Razer is known across all of game-dom for his equisite selection of meats, especially biltong. It was all the rage at rAge 2014 and has earned him a spot as everyone’s favourite meat peddler. If you want to eat the meat, you approach Razer.


KvT RedRover

Arguably the real life equivalent to Gandalf the Gray. Trusted adviser, clever strategist, and very friendly with people much younger than he is. He also managed to attain a seat on the council of elders, having been requested to be an admin at the DoGaming Championships in recent years, Red is an old hand in the community and is one of the pillars of PewPew Gaming.


KvT SpaceFrogZA

Our resident male model, and angel tush cleaner. At over 2m tall, SpaceFrog is what you would call a 7 foot smurf. With a heart of gold and looks that could kill this man is the envy of all men and the desire of all women. He comes from a checkered past and has a dark mysterious aura about him. Makes for some very handy eye candy to distract opponents.


KvT Wimmmas

The heavy lifter. Wimmas is most at home with shorts, two tone shirt and bending metal droppers into pretty origami art for his special lady friend. He is the Bakkies Botha of online gaming and also the guy you always want in your corner when you need to be sure that something gets “taken care of”.


KvT Fishy

For a good time phone fishy at 0213456789. This can be found on many a bathroom door and is a sure sign that Fishy operates in your area. Fishy is one of the founding members of Koevoet however and was instrumental in getting the team where they are today. A cornerstone in the building of one of the strongest Battlefield 4 5v5 teams.



SpT illuminus

The founder of team Spectrum, who has proved to be a highly capable team in the 2015 Do Gaming League Competition. Also not so formally known as “The Peanus” because of his upstanding and majestic approach to life on the Battlefield.


SpT SilenceRbb

The young gun and appointed Vice Captain of team Spectrum. SilenceRbb originally made a name for himself when playing for Bravado Gaming during the days of Battlefield 3. After taking a small break from the game he re-entered the scene with full force while carrying team Spectrum through many obstacles in 2015 for a shot at playing in the Do Gaming Championship at rAge 2015.



Another name feared by many, Simplicity has made a big impact in the Battlefield 4 scene with his unprecedented shooting skills. With a quick aim and solid focus he makes enough space for the rest of the team to have a nice braai and simply hand him his daily intake of mielie pap and boerewors.


SpT KingDyzel

The highly underestimated dark horse of team Spectrum. With a keen eye for defensive strategy and a mind-set as solid as stone, this man has made a big impact for team Spectrum in 2015. King has been hard at work inside and outside of team Spectrum to lend a helping hand wherever he can, with prospects of signing a sponsor for the team leading up to 2016.


SpT NatzZii

Completely the opposite of what her name might suggest. Natzzi is one of the kind-hearted quiet players in the Spectrum team up until the point where she gets handed a gun. Undoubtedly one of the most skilled female gamers in the Battlefield scene, Natzzii makes an impact wherever she goes and has been one of the key success factors for team Spectrum.



Also known as Darky Dark, Durky Durk and “That other guy who laughs so loud” – it’s our old fried Dark Entity. One of the more youthful yet well aged members of the Spectrum team, Dark entered with an incredible sense of humour and positive approach to the game. He has been one of the major contributing factors to getting team Spectrum through the early stages of the winter leg in the Do Gaming League Competition.


SpT Ae0n

Another talented and badass lady in team Spectrum originally hailing from the fair lands of Team Elite with Natzzii and King Dyzel. Aeon is always the quiet one in the group with the loudest gun, always willing to take on the biggest and the badest the game has to offer! Aeon initially played for team Alpha Mike Foxtrot in the summer leg of the Do Gaming League Competition before making a move to Spectrum mid-year.


SpT RiFiky

Our trusted and well taken care of side kick, Rafiky, who has shown patience and determination to play in the Do Gaming League Competition in 2015. Rafiky joined team Spectrum mid-year with Dark Entity to try and make waves for Pew leading up to rAge 2015.


SpT Gooney

There is not much to be said for a man who’s only selfie is one wearing a batman outfit. A self-proclaimed madman and generous lover, Gooney has taken up the task to be the most hard core sub for team Spectrum later on during 2015. Gooney is a patriotic member of Pew and has been since 2011 when representing team PewPew Rampockers in Battlefield 3.