Playoffs Enter Final Stretch

Playoffs Enter Final Stretch

The Battlefield 4 (BF4) 5v5 Telkom DGL 2015 Winter Leg Playoffs are currently in full swing, with the Premier Playoff concluding last weekend and the Break-Through Playoffs just past the half way mark.

The Premier Playoffs had just two teams, |FiB|-TERRA- and RsD-Demoralisers, battle it out for a place in the 2016 Premier Division, with the First in Battle squad managing to better their rivals convincingly.

Meanwhile the Break-Through Playoffs are still in contention with 18 teams fighting it out for just eight promotion spots. The teams were split into two groups of five and two groups of four, with the top two spots per group guaranteed promotion to the next tier of league competition and a place in the upcoming Telkom DGC Playoffs.

Week Three in the Break-Through Playoffs is a busy one, with teams needing to play two matches and an additional match next week to conclude the playoffs, so there is still plenty of action on the way.

BF4 5v5 BT Playoff Week 3

Group A sees some familiar faces in the lead, with puLse.eLevate and |ALG|Legions currently in first and second place respectively. SvG-Derogatory can still climb to the top of the group having completed just one match ahead of week three.

Group B has been a slow one with only a handful of matches played so far, although BiTE- SFL are currently leading the pack by just one point. Behind them lurk |ALG|Vanguard and EN1GMA_DevAst8 at 1 – 0 – 0 apiece, although this will no doubt change as the teams are scheduled to meet head to head later this week.

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Aperture Gaming’s secondary squad ApG.Eternal is doing well in Group C, currently leading the pack at 2 – 0 – 0 and guaranteed a top two finish in the group. It is now up to DHK Paradox and [TAC] bLinK to see who will take the final promotion place, with both teams currently sitting at 1 – 0 – 1.

Group D is all but done and dusted despite two matches left to be played, as iLLusiveSpectre and |FiB|MoTioN have secured a top two finish with two wins each, leaving [SiB]Hammer and [RPRZ] DarkWinged still looking for their first win in the Winter Leg Playoffs.

bf4 ss2

Teams are reminded to get in their matches as early as possible to avoid complication, as organising two best-of-three’s in a week can often be a challenging task.

For all the latest results in the Battlefield 4 Telkom DGL 2015 Winter Leg Playoffs make sure to stay tuned to Telkom Gaming on Facebook and Twitter.

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