PewPew Prepped for Winter Battle

PewPew Prepped for Winter Battle
26 May 2015 by Richard Sjöberg

PewPew Gaming is a celebrated team and an active force in the Telkom DGL for both Call of Duty and Battlefield over the past number of years.

Predominantly a Battlefield 4 (BF4) clan, PewPew’s lineage interestingly began as a Call of Duty outfit which has since enjoyed moderate success in a league environment, finishing top of the 8v8 Open Division as recently as the Summer Leg.

With the team rounding off a difficult transitional phase, Telkom Gaming caught up with owner Richard “RedRover” Mitchell to talk a bit about the new-look clan and its preparation for the upcoming Winter Leg.

Telkom Gaming (TG): How was PewPew formed?

Richard “RedRover” Mitchell: PewPew was formed around 2011 with Call of Duty being the main focus. The original founders were Rene “Maplassie” Kruger, Jason “CoRpSe: Williamson, Wynand “MeTa8oRn” Olivier, Louw “Hammer” Viljoen and Thys“Papa” Basson and “Weasel”. I only became involved in 2012 when Olivier decided he wanted to form a Battlefield side.

TG: Tell us a bit about your three sides, AlphaMikeFoxtrot, Koevoet and Spectrum.

Mitchell: We landed up with three teams due to our switch from 8v8 to 5v5 and plenty of players. Going into the Winter Leg, we have narrowed our focus and cut it down to two teams; only Koevoet and Spectrum will be competing in the Winter Leg.

TG: PewPew’s focus in previous years has always been the 8v8. How has the switch to 5v5 been for your teams?

Mitchell: Challenging and fun. There are aspects of 8v8 that we miss but speaking for myself I found dealing with smaller teams [is] easier. The jury is still out whether Domination is the best choice of game mode. But we are having fun finding out!


TG: Looking at the Winter Leg, how are the teams feeling? Has there been much preparation?

Mitchell: The teams are feeling good and yes there has been a decent amount of preparation. The teams are playing three to four practice matches a week and spending a decent amount of time strategising.

TG:  Are there any plans to expand PewPew’s borders in future?

Mitchell: Honestly, I don’t know. PewPew has had teams in COD4, MW3 and Dota 2 all qualify for DGC in the past, but an issue with a sponsor ended all of that. Frankly, we are nervous of going beyond what we can finance ourselves and players joining MGO’s seem to expect sponsorship, so for now we can give a definite “maybe”.

TG:  What would you like to see come from competitive Battlefield in the next few years?

Mitchell: Gosh, saving the trick questions for last! The short answer is I would like to see the game developers embrace the idea that a healthy competitive scene can actually grow your market and introduce rankings etc like we see in other competitive games.

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